Had an exhausting yet fun week :D

Friday, November 29, 2013

Hello :D

I'm just done having a bath and now it's time for me to blog! Hahahaha. But after that I need to read my Novel, short stories and poem. AH! And the analysis of the poem ._. Oh God.

Anyway, that's not the main point :P

Before that, here are the 2 selca I took from last Thursday morning :P

A morning smile for Thursday! If you got follow my Instagram, you will have surely seen this one already.

and another one. :P

after class, I went to have my brunch at U one Me. This restaurant is basically expertise in Pan Mee (Flat flour noodle) but this time I ordered something different and I never taste before, which is the...

the Fresh Milk Fish Head noodle. 

Actually it is a bit different from what I've expected because the one I ate in K.K is savory enough. This one, the soup is quite tasteless and the fish doesn't seem to be fresh. lol. 

Anyway, yesterday night my friends and I went to Loveats to have our dinner and we ate more than MYR40, then the cashier gave me a small gift as a token of gratitude.

I ate all the Jellies :3

This week really tired la. It's only the second week and it's already damn exhausting. Maybe it's because of the physical activities just now. I went for the activities trials for our English Language Camp that will be held next year February. Basically we need to test the games/activities whether it works or not and the result comes to a satisfaction! :D

I had lots of fun just now with my group mate(our group is totally crazy and hyperactive, it's like the noisiest group in the gymnasium. wtf.) 

before the activities start, and of course,


and came by Azira. :D

and Farsha. Hahahaha. :D

we played quite long la. Since 9:45am till around 12:30pm. spent hours in the warm environmental gym and I think I lose some calories already, did I? lol Dafuq. 

This is when the two groups combined together, and while we waiting for the next game, we got bored, and this is what happened. we played with paper and pens. LOL. we built ships and plane and garuda(made by Safwan. lol). Actually I doesn't talk much with Safwan since semester 1 but today I think we talked quite a lot la(which is good, and I hope we can talk more, if possible. lol) cuz were in the same group and for goodness sake, our group is damn hyper. lolx.

THIS PHOTO DAMN FUNNY. HAHAHAHA. You see how the way my friend is standing (the one that my elbow lean on her shoulder). SWAG Dude! This might be the new trend of taking a picture while standing. wtf LOL.

Last Monday we had our role play presentation for English at the Workplace course. And we did very good job at it. So, to celebrate our hardwork, of course, picture time! :D

With Farsha :D

With Dena the Banana! :D

#OOTD on last Monday, Whole black :P 

I don't know why, I love black so much, not to say that I do not like the other colours, I do, but I think I like black is because it's easier to match any colours. You know, Universal? Anything also can pair with. That's the forte of black colour. Lolx. Suddenly talk about colours wtf.

First attempt but everyone are not in the camera. so we took another one.


PERFECT :D (the sunlight shined on my me and it's so hard for me to open my eyes. lol)

OH! It's almost the end of November and when December's come, what draws near? CHRISTMAS of course! Omg! I can't wait to go back for Christmas! I didn't get to spend my time celebrating Christmas with my whole family last year but I go to Singapore instead. AND AND AND, I miss the Choir members of Sacred Heart Cathedral. Oh Em Geeeee. See you guys this Christmas eve! Damn! I'm so excited. Hahahaha. Okay I shall stop, if not I will keep on talking craps. lolol.

Kay see you!

-See You when I see You-


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