Guilty to reject.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I left two more days in K.K then I will have to go back to Perak for my study as my Semester 4 is going to start soon. Today, I received messages from few of my friends, asking whether I am free tomorrow night or on Saturday.

Okay, Actually one of my best friend (not gonna reveal his/her Identity for privacy purposes) asked last week, whether I am free on Friday and Saturday (which is tomorrow) as she is going to held a Birthday trip to somewhere. at first she decided to go to Nexus Karambunai Resort but unfortunately all the rooms are fully booked till December. So I thought It was cancelled already, and I accepted one of my friend invitation to her Birthday celebration this Saturday morning. Then suddenly my best friend sent a message to me saying that she is still planning on her Birthday trip and asked me whether I can go. In this situation, I can't simply say no. Instead of saying I'll think first (because there is really no time for you to think anymore), I agreed that I will go but only till Saturday Afternoon cuz in the Evening I have another date with one of Friend. After saying yes, I had to call my other friend (the one I accepted her invitation) and told her that I can't go to her Birthday(I can feel disappointment in her voice).

And that settled down for few hours,

when suddenly (Okay, I'm gonna label them as Friend A,B,C) Friend A messaged me and asked me whether I am free tomorrow. He wanted to go out for a movie with me. Over here, another difficulty happened because Friend A is one of my close friend when we were in Secondary school. Yet, unfortunately, I have to reject his invitation because I promised my Best friend that I will go to her Birthday Trip. After rejected my Friend A invitation, My Friend B and Friend C messaged me, simultaneously. Friend B invited me for a Movie(again) tomorrow night, and Friend C asked me whether I wanna go out for Dinner tomorrow night.


1 word, DAMNED.

Can't do much already, so I have to reject(I'm so cruel, wtf) their request. I feel so guilty rejecting them you know when they asked me so sincerely. Lolol. I'm so going be dead when they read this post.

Haven't end yet. still got more.

After dinner, while I was watching MelOn Music Awards (Korean music awards), my cousin messaged me whether I am free tomorrow night. She invited me to a Drama play because she got one extra ticket for it. You know, I LOVE DRAMA PLAY SO MUCH. when I received her message, I hesitated so long. Sitting, walking around the house, up and down. wtf. At the end, I rejected her valuable Invitation, ON HER BIRTHDAY. Today is her Birthday by the way. Happy Birthday Cousy! Sorry that I have to reject your invitation. :(

Then later, incoming of Friend D message. "Are you free this Saturday?"

Today, I have rejected 5 peoples's request already, and now, I hesitate no more that I have to reject the sixth one.

Guys, I am here to apologize to all of you. I am so so so sorry that I have to reject all of your request, but I seriously can't make it. Don't blame me kay? I felt so guilty also to reject you guys! T_T Maybe we can hang out during Christmas or Chinese New Year maybe? Lol.

It is so hard to reject a person request you know.

 Today I felt so cruel because I actually turned down six peoples hope on meeting me. (aww I feel so famous. lol wtf). Anyway, I am happy that you guys still remember me, even though I am the silent type when it comes to hanging out (Ya right). Lol. Thank You guys! Love all of you!

Alright, I'll pass for now. I'll update again soon, maybe when I've reached Perak. Good Night!

Before it's too late,

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y   E S T E L L E.

L O V E   Y O U   C O U S Y ! ! !


-See You when I see You- 

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