Growing a wisdom tooth.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Since the last two days, my gum start aching like there's something piercing it. At first, I thought it was just a normal ulcer but it was not. So, I went to have a check up on it, and it is confirmed that I will be having a wisdom tooth(a tooth that comes out by the age of twenties) near to the hindmost molars.

This is how a wisdom tooth looks like:-

Mine is the fourth one. It stays inside the gum and won't come out! :(

Yeah, you should sorry about it. It's so painful :(

I'd endured the pain for few days and it getting more painful than before, especially today. When it is the time to eat, that is the most suffering time, ever! Cuz when I eat, I usually chew my food using the left side of my mouth and this wisdom tooth fucking grows on the left side too and it's totally impossible for me to chew the food using the left side again(cuz it's fucking sore!). So, I have to chew it using the right side eventually, and indeed, it ruined my appetite for these few days. About the time taken, It normally takes me around ten to twenty minutes to finish up a plate of food, but now, It takes more than thirty minutes. I have to open my mouth slowly, and the widest I can open is about 2.5cm only. If more than that, It will totally hurt the fuck off me because it stretched the gums when I open too wide. 

The suggested foods for me to consume are porridge and soup(because I do not need to use any energy on chewing and just swallow it), but I seriously don't like porridge. It feels like I'm eating a mashed rice. lolol. wtf. 

Anyway, my friend and I had our dinner at Secret Recipe yesterday and my semester 1 roommate came over to visit us. It's quite awkward because we both doesn't talk much. lol. Distance pushes relations away. 

Oh, I had salad for my dinner yesterday! :D

I didn't manage to finish it up because I got fed up and tired eating so long and my gum sore so much. - -"

Alright. I'll stop here. See you! Pray for my wisdom tooth. Lolol.

-See You when I see You-


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