Back In T.Malim for Semester 4.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


As you know, I am now currently back in Tanjong Malim already! Basically this semester I will be occupied with tasks that are little bit more difficult than last semester (well, I did manage to do well at last semester though and I hope I can do my best too for this Semester).


Selca in the plane! :D

Before going to the airport for my departure, my parents brought me to Wong Kwok Restaurant to have a last morning breakfast (for this month. lol) with my family. I have been craving to have Dim Sum(especially the Har Kaw) in Wong Kwok since the first day I arrived back in Sabah last October.

and Finally,

HAR KAW!!! Hahahaha.

Look at the Har Kaw skin, gosh *w*

Did you know, the Har Kaw in Wong Kwok is like the best for me? Because the filling of the har kaw is a whole prawn in it instead of mixing it with pork or chicken. I don't like those har kaw that mix with other kind of meat because it totally change the taste of the prawn (Prawn lover logic. wtf).

And also, the Har kaw over here selling out so damn fast! It just come out from the kitchen, and the waiter will like, "HAR KAWW~~" and everyone will like rise there hand, "here here here~". wtf. Anyway, I am glad that I get to have some before coming back Tanjong Malim. Muahahaha.

after my breakfast, we went straight to the airport for my departure.

Took a snap of the wing. lol. random much. 

See You soon Sabah~

Random shot. Too bored (because the flight got delayed for more than half an hour) that I took a shot of my crotch eventually. wtf.

and we departed, and I here are some of the scenery from the sky above. *yayyy!* 

I like this one so much!

The Beauty of Sabah.

The Land Below the Wind.

So nice right?! got colour tone some more!

Actually it is my first time sitting on the left wing window for flight from Sabah and indeed the scenery on left side are way much more better than the right wing. Lol.

Then I had this for my in-flight breakfast (Thank God it is just a small portion).

Don't know what it called, but it taste like pepper chicken. 

after two hours and 10 minutes flight, and I finally reached to KLIA.

and I took the KL Express instead of the bus cuz the journey are more shorter than the bus. 

I was actually trying to catch the ETS to Tanjong Malim (KL Sentral straight to Tanjong Malim), but the next train is at 7pm Like for goodness sake, that time is only 3pm and I'm not going to wait till 7pm. wtf. So, I have to use the Interchange KTM, KL Sentral - Rawang, Rawang to Tanjong Malim and It is so TIRING! Carrying the luggage up and down. wtf.

then around 6pm, I reached Tanjong Malim KTM Station, and one thing that makes me mad at that time is those taxi drivers in Tanjong Malim. 

*Caution: It might be a bit harsh for some people. Read it at your own risk.*

First of all, I've reached there, standing right in front of you, you asked me "taxi?" Of course I say yes la. Then he asked me, "Pergi mana?" , I said my address lor, then he saw my luggage, he said, "you punya luggage manyakk besar owhh!", then I sarcastically answered him back, "Ya kahh? Kereta you x boleh muat meh?" and the most hit my nerve is when you fucking stopped me from getting in to the taxi, and make me stand under the drizzling rain. For fuck sake dude. You a taxi driver, you complain so much on your client, Don't do business la. 

Another thing is, I need a taxi that only send me and my friends, not a fucking stranger in the taxi. and for the sake of your idiotic brain, the journey from KTM to my accommodation is not far and you dare to ask for MYR10?! You count what ah? My head and my luggage weight ah? wtf. damn you, seriously. 

Gosh, I shall stop here. if not I will rant more. -o-

 Before I end this post up, 

The first Selca for Semester 4! :D

alright, bye.

See You when I see You.


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