A trip to Kinabalu Park.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


This is going to be a post with lots of pictures! XD

Okay, so yesterday My family and I had a short trip to Kinabalu Park, Sabah and I had a lot fun going there as I took damn lot of Selca with all the beautiful scenery. Lolol. Actually we decided to go on last Saturday and to stay overnight at Kinabalu Park, but unfortunately I woke up late, therefore the plan has to be cancelled. wtf me. Moreover my dad lazy also la. cannot blame me one. Lolol.

We departed around 8AM something and had our breakfast at a shop opposite to Bunga Raja Residences. 

While on our way to Kinabalu Park, I took some selca of myself! :D

#Take 1

#Take 2

The journey took around an hour plus, and we reached to Simpangan Kinabalu. It is actually in between of Kota Kinabalu City and Kundasang(which is the Kinabalu Park were located). A lot people will stop at this place for awhile because at here, they sell variety of Sabah cultural foods (which I don't really eat except Tuhau and Bambangan) and also souvenirs. And guess what? 


Before we heading up again to Kinabalu Park, I got the chance to snap a picture of the bottom of Mount Kinabalu.

Around thirty minutes of driving from the Simpangan Kinabalu, we finally arrived to Kinabalu Park. The entrance fee for an Adult is MYR3 and, What makes me happy is that my entrance fee is only MYR1 because I'm still young! I got the ticket for Malaysian below 18 years old. 

SEE! Happy die me :D

A Selca at the Stairway.

We supposedly to have our Lunch here at Balsam Buffet Restaurant, but like no people only so we just go in and take picture only. LOL.

My mom and Dad! :D

And by the way!




Okay, I shall continue :P

A Selca at the restaurant.

Another one! :D

And another one. Snap dao my dad along. 

The Bridge so nice :P

Another of my mom and dad. :D

Mommy and I :D

And another one.

And of course, Selca :P

Selca again. :D

This one so random. I don't know why I make this face. lol.

So awhile later, we departed to Ranau Town to have our lunch there And it is my first time reaching to Ranau town. Achievement Unlocked! Lolol. Like playing game pula. 

Ranau Town is about few kilometers away from Kinabalu Park and while on our way there, the sky started to drop it tears D: The rain is likestopped awhile, and come back, and stop, and back. Lolol.

Raining so heavily. D:

When it's raining, the Mountain is covered with all these thick fogs and I can't even get the chance to snap a photo of the mountain. Quite sad though.

So, before we head back to the City, we had our visit to the last location which is the Kinabalu Pine Resort. This resort damn nice I tell you! It feel so, Western. LOL. I checked the price for a room here and It is about MYR550+ ~ MYR800+ for a night. It depends on the size of the room you've chosen. 

So yeah, I just go in the resort and take photo only. Hahahaha.

I like this little cottage! And it is a must to have a photo with it :P

This place is seriously nice!

No caption :P

A selca with the scenery behind.

you see this road! Woahh! I really like it >< I wish I can make a road like this to my house. LOLOL. 

And of course, Selca with it. Hahahaha.

Very nice right?!

And one more Selca. :P

then, we headed back to the City.

but before that,

Wind down the window, stretch out your hand and feel the fresh and cold air of the nature. :P

Later at night,

We had our dinner at Super Tanker Restaurant to celebrate my dad's Birthday! we celebrate early with him because today he gonna go outstation again =(

We ordered Buttercream Tiger Prawn. Very yummy :D

Ostrich meat with Black pepper sauce. Slurp :P

And got another more but I didn't take a photo of them because we already ate it and It doesn't look nice. Lolol

Then later at night, I went to hang out with my old buddies, Naqi, Jerry and Ayei! I'll blog about it in abit :P Seriously yesterday is one whole great day. I had a lot of fun! Hahahaha. Alright! See ya!

-See You when I see You-


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