Steamboat + The Return of Douglas in MapleSEA

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


These few days I was busy playing a game that I just downloaded. I first played this game is on 2006. Because of too Boring and missing the game too much, I decided to download it back. HAHA.

By the way, Last Sunday I went to have a breakfast at Cempaka Square with my family. When we reached the shop, there is no more place to sit on. So early in the morning already full house. Then we saw an empty table right at the corner near to the counter, so we sat there. So small the table but whatever la. 

Selca again.

So, I ordered this, 湿炒面 (Wet Fried Noodle). (Actually is my mom who ordered for me. I dun even know what's the name of this noodle at first. Lolol)

Selca in the car after breakfast.

Then later at night, My aunt called us to come over her house for dinner and she decided to make a steamboat dinner with us. 

I feel like an Exorcist here. 

A selca before the steamboat begins. 

A part of the raw food we are going to have.

I dunno why this photo cannot rotate.

I like this Fungus. HAHA. It's tasteless la but the textures are soft.

After dinner, my face damn oily till need use 5 pieces of blotter. wtf.

This picture was taken Yesterday, when I am on my way to Suria Sabah. Was attempting to take a selca of myself through my Sunglass. Can You see the reflection of me in the phone on the sunglass? Lolol.

By the way, This is the game I am talking about, Maple Story. HAHA. I played the new job, Xenon.

My current level. 66. Actually the second character of Xenon, the first one I deleted because something happened. 

I ACCIDENTALLY pressed the Beauty coupon. then I tried to hunt for more because all the hairstyles and faces Ugly like shit lor. And this is what happened.

These are the few "Beauty" I got In just an hour of Hunting the coupon. Wtf. Therefore I gave up and make a new character. This time I was lvl 38. Waste my 3 hours of leveling. Btw,  I like the last one. Look like Thor. HAHA. 

Alright, I shall continue playing my game. Thank You for reading! I'll blog again soon. 

See You when I see You.


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