Stay up for Breakfast.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


These few days, I'd been staying awake till 6.30am so I can spend my time with my parents and have a good breakfast with them. Because I know if I sleep, I won't be awake until it's about 11am or 12pm. So, Yeah. I'm awake when people are sleeping, and I'm sleeping when people rises from their sweet sleep.


It's been a long time since I took a Selca. (busy gaming no time take photo la hor)

Last sunday, My mom brought me a place to have our breakfast. Actually we decided to have Duck Noodle, but unfortunately the shop close. wtf. So no other choice, we have to find other shop to eat. Then we found this one shop named "Sabah Treasure Restaurant". We also go in and see what so treasury about it la. Lolol.  

We ordered "Liu Sha Bao"(My mom's favourite), "Xiu Mai", "Loh Mai Kai", "Pi Tan Mai", and fried noodle. But they forgot two of our orders. wtf. But thank God also la didn't kana serve because with the other 3, my stomach already gorged.

Liu Sha Bao

The Filling are made by the mixtures of Duck Egg York and something that I don't really know. Lol

Xiu Mai, or popularly known as Dim Sum la. We ordered two of it.

Seafood Fried noodle MYR8.50

Okay, this one is homemade. A Chicken Soup Vermicelli. Prepared by my mom and it is totally Magnificently delicious. Lol

My mom Homemade Cheesy Beef Lasagna, Damn Cheesy I tell you. FAT DIE ME.

This is the suave beef noodle that I've been talking about to some of my friends. This is a beef noodle from Kuo Man Kopitiam that is located at the opposite road of Razz Ma Tazz. 

A closer look of the meat. But last Tuesday when I go and try, it is not so nice ady. The noodle no taste one and the beef not so suave anymore. I dunno if it's because of too many people on that day or their food Quality drop ady. Seriously taste so bad ady. 

Alright, That's all for today food review. HAHA. Wtf. But it would be fun to do so. 

Okay, I'll blog again soon! Cya!

-See You when I see You-


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