Shoppe & Eat De' KL

Friday, October 04, 2013

I don't know why I use that as my post title but it sound good to me. Whatever la.

Anyway, Yesterday My friend and I went to KL because wanna shop and eat. the Main point of going to KL is to eat Snowflakes, Ippudo and Sushi Zanmai because K.K do not have these three cuisines shop.  WHY YOU NO COME K.K? *raging alone* 

We supposedly to depart at 8.45am but because of me sleeping like a pig, I sleep till 9:07am. wtf. so our plan got delayed by an hour. HAHA. Opps.

So last last, we depart at 9.30am. HAHA.

Inside the KTM. My leg look so long over here.

When we arrived at Times Square, The first thing I bought is the Starbucks Dark Mocha. 
Craving it for months! 

The worker really got bad hearing la. I said my name is DG. DG Only.  She freaking wrote Lee at first. then T.J when i repeated the second time. Wtf. HALLO, My name is Lee Tae Jun! 

Then we go for a shop in H&M and I bump into this two top. 
Which one? Which one?

Go for fitting up and this is what I've done.
Selca in the fitting room. wtf.

This top look damn nice. I can't let it go already.

The second one. Doesn't look so nice, but it make me look so slim. HAHA

I took damn lot of selca in the fitting room. I think the worker can hear those "CHAK CHAK CHAK" sound few hundred times.

At the end, I bought both of it at the price of RM48.90. 

the funny thing about this picture is, you can see the reflection of my back and the one who took my picture. HAHAHA

With shorty Imelda. HAHA. Sorry! 

With Lennon and Imelda. Lennon stand like a Superman eh. HAHA. 

With Nicole right after she paid hers. Look at her face. It was like "What... take photo again?" HAHA

Photo with Imelda and Nicole outside of H&M. 

On the way to Pavillion KL, I found this Note 2 case! It look so nice so I bought it. RM15 Only.

Having our lunch here at Ippudo. It's a non-halal japanese restaurant, so I'm sorry for those who cannot eat pork. 

Akamaru Shinaji. RM33

I dunno what's the name! But this salad taste damn nice Okay D:

After we had our lunch, we walk around Pavi, washing our eyes and we go to have some dessert at Snowflakes!
The dessert that Nicole ordered.

I ordered this one. Fresh mangoes and Taro balls and Tau Fu Fah and Coconut Ice. OMG. 
We shopped from Pavillion KL to Fahrenheit 88 and back to Lot 10 because Lennon wanna buy some outfit from H&M.


Selca. My thumb so disturbing. 

And I dunno why, My face look so FLAWLESS HERE! 

Trying out the Fedora. RM89, so, I put it back. HAHA.

After Lennon done with his shopping and it's time for dinner!  as our dinner, we head back to Fahrenheit 88 for Sushi Zanmai. not really dinner la. appetizer maybe? But I ordered damn lot lor!

Selca with Nicole while waiting for our food.

*Beware, picture below might not be suitable for minor* HAHAHA. FOOD PORN.

Tamago arrived first :D

And two of my favourite sushi!

Tamago Mentai

and Salmon sushi.

closer look of Salmon sushi.

Salmon Maki

Tamago Maki and Soft shell crab sushi.

My favourite! :D

Tamago Mentai, again! HAHAHA.

Salmon Teriyaki. This one ordered by Nicole. I prefer raw Salmon cuz if its cooked, It smells different. lol 
Selca while eating. Yum yums :3


A video of me eating Salmon Sushi.
Nicole says that I'm so fat D:

Anway, After dinner then we head back to our home. Had a lot of fun la. Thank you to Nicole, Imelda and Lennon for the day Hahaha. 

actually I am packing up my things while blogging. lol.  Will be leaving back to Sabah tomorrow. AHHH. I miss my mommy, my own bed, my home WiFi, Sabah food and all la.

Alright. I shall continue packing up. I'll blog again soon. :D

See You when I see You.


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