Few Stodgy days.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The semester break for this time is basically bored la. lolx. Okay. (every sem break also that bored.)

So last few days, when I got back to K.K, I received a news that my Uni Calendar will stayed the same like last time. Of course I'm happy la hor and very excited then I planned to work part time. Actually I planned this before the Semester break but because my Uni changed it to a new calendar, so I stopped my plan on working part time because the Holiday till 3rd November only. Then suddenly my Uni changed back the calendar to the old one (because a lot Borneon bought the ticket early maybe), so we no need to go back that early ady. 

So, I applied a job la. I requested for Upperstar and Coffee Jazz Mixer (my cousin coffee shop). This is my first time wanna apply for job kay. I never work basically. Got la, Business English. Act like a promoter and It's tiring. 

Instead of Upperstar (because the clients will be damn lot when it is at the peak time), I chose to work at my cousin coffee shop and I got accepted. But because of the working time is not convenient for both of my parents, so I have to reject it. Therefore, my chance to work this semester , Bye-bye. HAHA. Nvm. but at least I still get money even though I'm staying at home. My jobs are, sleeping, wake up, online, eat and do anything I feel like wanna do. Spoiled bread. wtf. I love daddy and Mommy. LOL 

Last Monday morning, my mom made me a fried-char-kway with meat in it. With the left over of carbonara sauce for the spaghetti last night, My mom warm it up and said to take the char-kway and dip inside the carbonara sauce. wtf. But it taste good eh!

A Chinese Ang mo cuisine. HAHA. 

And then yesterday I was bored la kay, feel like wanna cook. So I cut few slices of chicken meat, but I dunno what am I gonna do with it.

Thinkin for hours, and I really dunno what to do. Then my mom said she will cook it for me. HAHA. 
So, She turned the raw chicken meat into a "Sweet Lemon Chicken"

and here's is my dinner yesterday night, A so called Bibimbap. ate this while watching Running Man 166. (I cook the scrambled egg myself, that's the only thing I'm good at. wtf)

My mom made a cup of Lime juice for me. (cheers for the Domo Pad :D)

I went to patched all my games yesterday, and one of them are Dragon Nest. The patch damn big!. 600MB+. It's like downloading a new file of game. wtf. 

So when I'm done with the patching, I starts the game and the loading page make me laughed.

Irine blowing the horn and the other 5 hounds are following. The last hound so cute sia! It's like " MAMA, PAPA. WAIT FOR ME! DON'T LEAVE ME BEHIND". 

Basically the patch is to change the looks of all the town into Halloween mood. I like the dark sky. Gothic I should say. dafuq. 

The new patch include this also kay! Ice "Kachang" Hat. HAHAHA. The spelling is so Ang Mo. Lolol.

BingXianNu, Elestra. One of my char. Actually I wanna put IcyFairy, but the name is taken. (Sien). So I came out with this chinese name. Lolol. Sort of the same meaning with Icy Fairy la actually.

Irine wore the same costume again this year. lawls. 

I didn't play much la actually. Just went to do the new lvl60 Nest, do some DQ and walk around Saint Haven like an idiot. Wtf.

Kay la. that's all for now. I need to get ready already. going out with one of my best friend for movie. Thank you for reading! I'll blog again soon! 

See You when I see You.


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