First October, First Experience.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Hello! It's the first of October and in where today, my life nearly come to an end. (but it didn't) THANK GOD.

Things happened when I finished my 2nd Paper for my Final Exam. I finished early and went out the hall happily. It's not because I can answer the paper well, I mean, maybe it is. Ahhh! I don't know. I'm just happy. HAHA. Okay, then I even got the time playing with the new game that  I downloaded yesterday, introduced by my friend. I am just so happy that I have forgotten that I forgot something. Dafuq did I just said? LOL. Anyway~~

OOTD #1 

OOTD #2. Underneath pokok kelapa, I'll wait for you ~ 

With one of my Bestie, Lennon. I Look so tall! Deliberately shifted up myself. HAHA.

And here is Nicole at the back, with my flawlessness face. 

The Dougnereus smile. HAHA. Dafuq.

I Look so damn happy hor? But there's one thing that can totally change my life. After waited for my other friend to come out from the exam hall, we decided to go for brunch. While we are on the way, where we are already at the town, I suddenly check on my bag, and you know what happen?



I'm so stressed up in the car. If I lost my wallet, I no need go back Sabah le. I keep pray to God and hope that the wallet still there. I can't really remember where I lost it actually but as a guess, maybe inside the hall. I was so panic that time that I nearly cry. My heart pounding like crazy and my mind nearly burst worrying about it. So, Nicole drove back to New Campus (Where the Exam Hall is located) to find my wallet back. As we reached the Hall, I run with the speed of Dougnereus (which is my own speed, no difference) into the hall. Search for my wallet on the seat that I put my bag just now, but there is no sight of my wallet. 

WAH. THIS MOMENT, My heart dropped loh! Almost faint when suddenly an Exam invigilator came over and asked me, "Are you the person who lost your wallet?", I was like OMG YES. ITS ME! ITS ME! (No, I didn't do that.). So I answered her back with a nod, few nods. two or three nods. ahhhh whatever la. Then she ask me to wait awhile and I turned my head to the right, and I saw another of the exam invigilator holding my wallet and show it to me when I looked there. Then I smiled and ran to her and it feels like, "MOMENT OF GLORRYY~~~". (Go search for the song if you don't know what this is.). 

You know the feeling of nearly losing hope on it but suddenly you found it. Feel like I just won an award, I keep on praising to God and doing the sign of the cross. (This moment is seen LIVE by Lee Lennon, the few invigilators, and the few examiners that still in the hall). THANK GOD, REALLY. This is my first experience of losing a wallet (fortunately I got it back). If I really lost it, I would kill myself. Before I end this post, let us have a look on my Sexy wallet.

My Alain Delon baby with all my others Baobei's in it. 

I really wanna Thank God for the blessing and the honest Invigilators for saving my Wallet. 
It isa bad experience and a good lesson for me.
Alright! I'll blog again soon!

See You when I see You.


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