Final Exam, Final Paper, Final Day of Semester 3.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

HELLO!!! I have just ended my semester with today last paper in the final exam! YES! Happy die me. The moment when the invigilator still collecting our paper, all of us screaming silently at each other. Ahhhhh!! I still can't believe that our semester has already come to an end - -" BUT WHATEVER, GOING KL TOMORROW. YAYYY!!! *ahems* Okay. So after exam, of course take some photo la. Sort of a farewell photo before we go back for our semester break bah. Okay, Here are some photo with my awesome friends.

With cutie Epy and Nicole infront of the Auditorium, where our exam were held. 

My girlfriends. HAHAHA. Dafuq. 

OOTD. We both look so tired D:

With Epy. Isn't she cute? :D

With the Beautiful Azira, look how gorgeous is she. :D

Lennie, as in the story "of Mice and Men" xD Joking. With Lennon. :P 

With one of my best friend, Imelda.  

This is MULOK! She's so yellowish today xD

OOTD. I look so short here D:

Selca. Photobombed by Mulok. HAHAHA. Her face is so funny!

The friends that I love the most. EPY is the Cameragirl D: I LOVE YOU TOO EPY. HAHA.

A group photo of Diploma in English Semester 3. I look so damn happy here. dafuq. HAHA.

After that we went for our breakfast at one of our favourite Pan Mee shop, "U One Me". I ordered Mince Pork Noodle (RM5.50)

The noodle sauce taste so good eh. with the kind of scorched anchovy. HAHA. 

The Pork noodle soup. It's so addictive! Gosh. D:

Done gulping the whole bowl of soup after finished the noodle. :P 

I seriously can't believe that I've done for this semester and  in one more month, I'll be in Semester four. Gosh. but in 3 more semester, then I'll be graduating! OMG. HAHA CAN'T WAIT. 

Tomorrow I'll be spending my whole day shopping at KL. Go Pavi, Lot 10, Fahrenheit88, ahhh everywhere la. HAHA. Okay la. I'll blog again soon. Thanks for reading!

See You when I see You.


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