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Sunday, October 06, 2013

HARLOW. I'm now currently in my own room! Gosh. It feel so good to wake up in your own soft and cozy bed than sleeping on the floor for last few months. (with mattress of course). 

I got back to Kota Kinabalu yesterday night, about 7.30PM. Departed from Tanjong Malim since 10AM in the morning. Damn tired loh. Supposedly I blogged about it yesterday, but when I saw my bed, I can't resist to throw myself on it. 

Yesterday OOTD. Loving this H&M Top. :D

Taking ETS to KL Sentral in which it's faster than the other train. But, while we're waiting for the ETS train, I saw two of the trains has departed. wtf.

We arrived KL Sentral around 12.30PM, we went to McD to have our lunch and I bought GCB. The burger is nice, the onion rings are good, but not the drink. The drink tasted like Cough medicine. D:
Bus ticket to get to KLIA. Okay, there's a story here.

There's one worker here I damn hate. feel like throwing him to an abandoned country. The bus arrived, we (the so-called foreigners) and the foreigners was trying to line up to get on the bus. I think because he got menopause (HAHAHA) la right, he got angry and shouted at us, "EXCUSE ME, EXCUSE ME", with his damn ugly expression. All the foreigners like giving the "Dafuq" look. Haih. This worker ashamed the country only. He shouldn't be working under the travelling agencies. 

The bus departed at 2PM Sharp (the clock on the bus). But at my watch it's already 2.10PM. 
I am bored in the bus, so I took a photo of my crotch but I covered it. wtf.

Selca through the Eyeglass. Can you see my reflection? :D

Reached to KLIA and I DUNNO WHY I MAKE THIS FACE. Look like Squirrels. 

Lining up for check-in. Babuai my Luggage. you are going to get in to the dark room.

I took this photo right infront of the check-in counter. HAHA. Oh, The Sun, Shine on me. :D

BUNS! My friends and I went to buy some buns before we get in to the departure room coz these buns  are not available in Sabah. WHY YOU NO IN SABAH?

a selca in the departure room. 

Watching this for my flight journey. Nice movie indeed. 

15 Minutes before landing. 

Another Selca. Gosh. my pimple can be seen so clearly.

Yay! Arrived! A photo with Epy and Mulok before we get off from the plane.

One more Selca while waiting for my baggage.

After I got my luggage, I bid farewell to Epy and Mulok before leaving. Met my mom and dad outside of the Arrival Hall then we went to Upperstar for dinner! :D

Selca in Upperstar. HAHA.

The interior of Upperstar.

Spoon, Knife and Fork. Can you guess what am I gonna eat?

One of my favourite, Ice Lemonade

Grilled Chicken Salad.

Grilled chicken chop

Desire fulfilled. My favourite Lamb Chop. HAHA.

A closer look of the Juicy lamb chop :P

Baked mushroom soup.

The taste is very creamy and milky! 

and I'm finally home!

It feel so good to be home. Like a chinese proverb said, no other places are better than your own home. Alright, That's all for now. I'll blog again soon. See ya! :D

See You when I see You.


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