A thing replace of an aching.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is going to be a boring post.

Hello. Well, based on the title, I am going to talk about how to stop your body aching. lol. wtf.

Anyway, I'm just joking. This is not a post about how to stop your body aching or what so ever. lol.

As u can see, I am updating in the middle of the night, mainly because I'm not tired nor sleepy. Kay These few days, really got a lot of things has happened. There are sorrow and horror, Happy and sad. lol wtf. anyway, One of the most painful thing is, I lost something really precious of mine. well, Not really lost it, but yeah, just somehow there will be a distance between me and my precious thing. If you get what I'm trying to say, then that's great, cuz Great minds think alike. Lol.

How bout sad? Yeah. a person surely will get upset or a little sore in their heart when any precious things that they've owned (either long or short time) are gone, am I right? or maybe some people don't cuz some humans do have a stoned heart. wtf. It doesn't matter what you have lost, It is going a hurt you a little, what more if that precious thing is with you for almost 3 months(I'm giving a clue here).

Anyway, I got good news for this week!

The results that I've been waiting like for so long since my Semester break has finally released! You know, I everyday got nightmares, can't sleep cuz I feared of the result. Lolol. Anway,, It got released last Tuesday and I was sleeping that time, because I didn't sleep for the whole day(If you got read my last post, then you'll know) Well I am awake because Si Lennon missed call me twice when I am sleeping and spammed me over facebook chat and LINE, and also I got a message from Maxis. Then I straight go check on result I got for Semester 3 when I am still laying down on my bed, half awake.  Anyway , again, Yeah! I'm Happy with my result! ^^

Even though it is not the highest, or the best, but I'm still on the Dean List for these three Semesters! Alleluia! I'll Have to maintain my CGPA for the another three semesters and try to score 3.80 and Above, then I can try applying for NTU(Nanyang Technological University) or NUS(National University of Singapore) Scholarship. Well, I am amenable to work under Singapore (If they want me to) after I've done my study in these two Universities (If I got the chance la). But, I really hope that I can get in to these two Uni. If can't, then I'll just apply either UPSI, UMS, UPM or UM.  Or maybe I got a higher chance, can go study in Cambridge? Lolol. day dreaming much.

I think that's all I'm gonna say, or else you readers will fall asleep reading my post. (as if I got a lot of readers) lolol.

Okay, Before I end up this post, Ima show you guys a picture that I thought it has a very deep meaning in it. It's from the Movie 500 Days of Summer.

JIC You can't see the pic: "People change. Feeling change. It doesn't mean that the love once shared wasn't true and real it simply just means that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart." 

I need to find food to eat, I am hungry now. Lolol. It's already 4:50am. Maybe I'll just take a bar of chocolate to withstand my hunger till 6:30am, then go breakfast with my parents. lol. K, cya. 


-See You when I see You-


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