A haircut for the Grassy Hair.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Actually I am suppose to go out for a date with my friend but he got sick so we didn't get to go out. *sadding to the max* Anway, Take care and get well soon my friend ^^

By the way, That day I went to have a haircut at Agnes Wong Saloon because my hair is too long that it looks like a bunch of grass on top of my head. 

This is how I look like before going for the haircut. Look like a sleepy grass pot. wtf.

Before going for my haircut, my dad brought us to have breakfast at Apiwon, Just in front of the saloon that I am about to go.

And I ordered my favourite noodle, Fish cake Noodle. MYR10.50

 A closer look at the Fish cake. Hahaha :D

After breakfast, I went to have my haircut and It totally change my look. So, we went back home after then. And I went to have a bath. I can actually play with my hair while bathing. My mom was shouting at me and asking what am I doing in the bathroom so long. lol. So, I got this few types of hairstyle while I'm in the bathroom, 

STYLE #1: The Ah Pek Hairstyle.

STYLE #2: The Comma Hairstyle

STYLE #3: The Messy Grass Hairstyle.

STYLE #4: The Samurai Hairstyle

Hahaha. Was too bored in the bathroom. wtf. Which hairstyle do you like the most? LOL.

Alright, Thank You for reading. I'll blog again soon. looks like I'm going out with parents today. See ya!

See You when I see You.


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