27th Oct 2013, A day spent with Family.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This post is basically a wrap up for last Sunday (and a lil' bit about yesterday) and I suppose to update this last Sunday but I Lazy (Lazy bum, cannot blame). Omg. It's such a redundant to repeat Sunday so many time. Whatever la. Okay. Before you start your day, it is a must to have a photo of yourself first la. so, here is a photo of me. Lolol.

NO FILTER I TELL YOU. NO FILTER. LOL. I just love the reflection on my sunglass. Actually this photo I took it after I had my breakfast, where my dad has went to work already, that's why you can see the car is like so empty. So my main point is to tell you that the photo is not really a photo to start the day, but, maybe the photo of the day la. wtf I'm saying. 

This is the breakfast for last Sunday, Seafood Tom Yam. Currently my favourite Tom Yam in Sabah. When you come over Sabah, This is a must try Tom Yam. Actually the Tom Yam here in Sabah are quite different from the Peninsular one. The price for this Tom Yam quite relevant la, at the price of MYR8.50 only. But yeah, It taste very good! ^^

After breakfast, we got back home for awhile la. My dad need to go to work, so we  have to change the car. sort of transit. lolol wtf. Kay, While I'm home, I actually got time to level up my coffee test to Rank 4. Lolol. People who play Line Coffee will understand what I'm saying.

Then after that My mom and I go for a shop at Karamunsing to find a new CPU for the desktop that I already abandoned(which is already became my mom's Desktop) because the current CPU already sot wire. It will shut down by itself and keep on blue screen. Maybe something loose inside and we did call for the technician to comeover and check on it and he promised to come over yesterday, which is Monday, but he didn't show up. Not even today, eventually.   

And while on the hunt for the new CPU, we stopped by McDonald to have a rest time and we bought Sundaes! And obviously chocolate is mine. 

This Cadbury Top Sundae tasted so damn good. It tasted almost the same like Magnum. I said almost okay. not 100%. Lol. and yeah, It's only MYR2.30 and there's no other fucking place that serves you soft Vanilla ice cream with chocolate topping on it. Like seriously, U go buy those uncle tepi jalan one also cost u MYR1 and It's not even enough for myself (as I have a very big appetite) because the portion is so damn small! Only give you one scoop leh! I still love McDonald Ice cream :3 
(P.S: This is not an Advertorial)   

After that My mom and I went to Suria Sabah to have a window shopping(Ya right, window shopping) because coming home early, there's really nothing to do. All I do is sitting down in front of my laptop, and YouTube, Gaming, (Blogging... ah? LOL). Yeah. we shopped like from the top to the lowest ground, and I freaking bought 4 tops for myself(a Hoodie from PDI C.S, and 3 other pieces from R.S)

Must take a photo of the shopping bag one. (Even though my photo skills sucks)

A sneak peek on it! Can see the price tag again.

PDI Men's Long Sleeves Hoodie, MYR109
I have been searching for a new hoodie/jacket for like ages since the one I got (The black Giordano Jacket) from the last 3 years. This hoodie really soft la inside, it got like fur in it that make you feel more comfortable while wearing it and moreover it look stylish(for me la. maybe not for you guys, but whatever because I'm the one who gonna wear it :P) and Ya la. So stylish one jacket only cost for MYR109, Moreover It is a newly arrived for Winter Season. And what makes me happy is, this is actually a gift from my mom! I was like going to the counter to pay it by myself, and she came over and shut in the money to my hand and said, "I'll pay for that. Take it as a gift from me". I was like Seriously? Why so good one?! Lolol. And you can't see how fucking happy I am that time. I even hug my mom in public, in front of all the other people. Lolol

Alright, and these  are the 3 Logo tees that I bought at Reject Shop for only MYR33.90. Like seriously, It is not easy to find a male T-shirt that only cost about MYR11 for one piece. Even though it is not a branded one, but still. LOL. If you ever find this type of shirt that only cost below MYR15, GRAB IT. 

This is my favourite one. I dunno what happen to the freaking light, it makes the colour of the shirt changed and it look so damn weird. 

The second one, the colour is actually like the one I bought in H&M, the one like greyish blue? Whatever. I dunno how to differentiate the colours. AND YEAH. I dunno whether it is a grammatical error on the shirt, or just a style? Is that the correct way to spell Energy? Lol wtf.  

And the white one. I just randomly grab this because I think white colour can easily match other colours. 

So yeah. I ended up my day by shopping the whole day until you can see other people are closing their stores. Before I end up my post, here is a photo of what I ate yesterday for dinner!

My Mom homemade American Taco Wrap. Taste damn good! My mom can seriously open her own restaurant, Cath's Kitchen. Hahaha. I just creating a random shop name. lol.

Alright, I'll end my post here then. and, I shall finish up my Snow White and The Huntsman movie then go to sleep. I've been staying awake for 26 hours+? I'm awake around 12pm+ Yesterday and now it's already 15:11pm. lolol. K la. See ya!

See You when I see You


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