Mid-night Studper

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hello to the mellow! Studper (Study and Supper). Nay, It's not in the dictionary. I created this word :P But I do wish one day this word can be in the Oxford dictionary (phantasy much)

Were studying for my upcoming exam this Monday to Wednesday. and suddenly my friend called me to go for supper at Mamak restaurant. Decided to have a group study there, but we end up eating :3 (we did some study also la. lol)

Done on recapping one of the topic. (Homemade Japanese Desk FTW)

Trying to recap on Negotiation Skills. 

Ordered "Roti Naan Garlic"(RM3.50) . Damn gorge with it. wtf. 

Ordered Nescafe' Ping (RM1.50). I like the bubbles foam on top :P
was attempting to stay awake with a cup of caffeine.

I finally finished it. It took me about an hour to finish the whole "Roti Naan". My plate so dirty. 
Epy's plate is way cleaner than mine 100 times :P

after we done with our food and final discussion (did we? LOL), we left the restaurant and heading home. we took some photo before we going back to our own home.

Take 1, Failed. Lighting too dark. My hair look so messy. D:

Take 2, Found a better lighting under the street lamp post. LOL

Take 3, Last shot before we head home. 

Alright, Thank you for reading. I'll be continue with my study :P See you again. I'll blog again soon.

See You when I see You.


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