Face mask + Running Man 164 + Done the last Assessment + Dean List Certificates!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I just awake from my deep sleep (2:10pm) (oAo)

Yesterday night I did mask on my face. Basically I need to do it thrice(is it the word for three times?) a week. I started to use this mask since last year at the month of June. Because of my Oily skin, I have to use it. It's not a costly one. u can get it at the price of RM20 (S$7.30) for one piece but you'll get discount if you buy in bundle. :D

Academie Purifying Mask.
(Oh God, it's so dusty there ._.)

After applying the mask I have wait for 15 minutes in order to let the mask get into my face. (Nice explanation). 

This is right after I applied the mask. It's will solidify itself when there's air :O

While doing my mask, I having my leisure time watching Running Man with Nicole and my Roommate, Lennon.

Episode 164, I bet you guys have watched it too. Have you not? :O

After 10 Minutes of waiting and watching Running Man :P

After a full 15 Minutes
 (actually it's already 20Minutes plus because of finishing the first part of running man)

Can u see the crack? Because of "Massive" laugh while watching RM164 :x

So after the mask have fully solid, and cracking, like your skin is falling o__o"
you have to wash it off.



Felt Refresh after all the stretching and everything while doing the mask -3-

Before I end this post, I'm going to show you guys a piece of my work and why I am so free right now :P

and, Here it is!

*Doing the happy dance*


So, I just got back from my brunch and also handing up my final assessment to my class representative. presume that I am already in the campus, so we (me and my two other friends) go over to the faculty and took our dean list certificates. Yayy!!! I got Dean list for the last two semester!

I just love the golden frame and the words :D
(and the Rilakkuma too :3)

I hope I can get dean list again for this semester T__T All the Assessments for this semester are way to hard. Alright, That's is all i guess for this time. thank you for reading :P I'll be watching Master's Sun. It's a nice Korean drama. You guys should watch it too hehe. Alright! See ya.

See You when I see You.

-Douglas, SJY.

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