Droughty Shin Ramyun

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hello to the Mellow :D It's so hard that I didn't have to mood to study. I studied for awhile then the whole other hours I was eating and relaxing. Yesterday midnight around twelve Something, I was hungry while I am studying for my final exam. (as if I am studying. Yeah I did.) Then I decided to cook the Shin Ramyun that I have. Have to cook all of it before I go back Sabah. I cook my Ramyun in a big pot and I just put a bowl of water. one funny thing is, my ramyun was in the pot for two minutes, and i wondered why my Ramyun haven't cook.

Apparently, I didn't turn on the fire. dafuq - -"

After a few minutes of cooking (with the fire on), The water like getting lesser and I DUNNO WHY.
This is how the final result of my Ramyun looks like.

Dougnereus nearly drought Shin Ramyun

The Ramyun still taste the same la. just without soup only. all the soup got absorbed into the noodle.

Kay la. that's all I wanna say :P Thank you for reading!

See you when I see You.

- Dougnereus

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