Cooking for MSK Degree

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hello to the Mellow! Argh, Final Exam starts tomorrow and I'm still blogging. But whatever, I'll just make it short. :P Okay, so, Yesterday we held a MSK (familiarization event) for the newcomers of the Catholic Degree students. I am one of the committee member for the  Food and Beverages. We had to prepare food for about 80 peoples. what a huge amount D: So, We cook for them in the church and this is what I did, basically.


Cleaning up the eggs.

Finished cleaning the 1st tray! It took me half an hour. D: I dropped one of the egg, and It cracked ._.

Pretty chicken eggs :3

Another tray ._. I think my Job is just by cleaning up the eggs only bah. LOL.

I am good at cleaning eggs. can call me for egg cleaning service if you want. LOL. Done with the second tray and It's ready to be boiled ! :D

This is my first time cooking 10 cups of rice o_o  

Helped to cut the big onion. Gosh, the sulfuric acid (Sulfur la. just playing around. LOL. dafuq) make me cried T__T

After boiling the eggs for 20 Minutes 

Aww, perfectly boiled :P One of the egg is making a bud of "Bunga Telur". HAHA 

move the egg to a basin of cold water so it will be easier to peel the shells(Is it shells? LOL) off.

and WALA!!! My job is done! with preparing the eggs. LOL wtf.

Visited Gay for awhile. we called him Gay because he is so damn happy when he saw us and keep on ranting around .

Imelda preparing the sauce for the eggs.

Guess what is this. HAHA. Damn green. It's a bucket of Pandan drink. 
More healthy la hor drink Pandan. :P

and after done with preparing all the food since 4pm, and we finally done with all of it! 
eggs with sauce, salted fish with sauce and mix veges (cabbages and carrots).

After we done with our dinner, we move our way to the church, and celebrate on the Opening Ceremony of MSK Degree.

A Selca of myself before I leave. :P

Okay! That's all for today! I shall continue with my study. LOL. I'll blog again soon!

See You when I see You.


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