A Journey to Singapore on Christmas [Part 2]

Friday, September 27, 2013

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Day 4 [25th Dec' 2012]

I awake around 4pm today. Gosh. I totally slept like a pig, went to bed around 5 O' Clock in the morning with my stomach gorged with crabs :3 after i'm awake, my sister and I ready up and departed to Orchard Road. 

Christmas tree infront of ION Orchard

Take 2. Christmas tree know how to pose well eh. lolx

Pose for camera. Lazy ady actually~ :x

Don't know why I snap this photo, It's just nice. 

Somehow I felt like it's Chinese New Year. LOL

A pose with the Decorative car.  

A last photo before we go back.

We did nothing much actually today. all we did was walking around Orchard Road till night and then we went to Chinatown to have our Dinner and bought some souvenirs before we leave. 

Day 5 [26th Dec' 2012]

Last day ady, before we going back, we went to Jurong Bird Park and the Singapore Zoo. wanted to go for the night Safari, but it's too late at night, and Jurong are way too far from my uncle house - - we took a bus from a mall( I forgot the name of the Mall)to get there. 

we visited Jurong Bird Park first.

Is that a "burung kakak tua"?

Jurong Bird Park Entrance, the little girl was like "wahh.. so many birds~~" 
(actually it's a Christmas tree over there) 

A photo with two penguins and a standing Christmas tree. :D

Huan ying lai dao Jurong Bird Park. Pose like a boss. xD

Taking a shot with the calf :3 In bird park. 

 Looking at the birds, and the map.  

"Ughh, Humans are looking at me"

Chak? Hahaha!

It keep on following me and pecked me several times at my toes. Damn pain eh!
but luckily it can't fly, or else, DIE.

The bird that I'm about to show you (below), I found it as a very special kind of Bird. somehow it look like a chicken, in the other way round, it look like a peacock too, without it feathers tail. 

U see the horn on its head

Look like Dinosaur

Mutated Chicken Dinosaur? 

A flock of ... Birds. LAWL.

Twins eh these both. Hahaha :P

A photo nearby the waterfall before we move to Singapore Zoo.

after that we rode the bus again on move on to Singapore Zoo.

Once we arrived, the is the first thing I saw. Cute eh!

Buaya . I imagined that I dropped in. Gosh. 

Then we move on to this albino tiger? :x

I like this la. they look so white, and clean, and nice. and cute. :x

First time in my life, I saw a Wild Boar. LOL

TAPIR. Panda with long nose :x

Orang Utan, it looks sleepy . 

"Whatchu looking at?"

THIS. Gosh. Feel like cuddling it XD

AH! This one is funny. the Giraffe freaking PEED when I tried to take a photo of it.

Ugh. LOL

 This Kangaroo keep looking at me while I walk along the walkway, because I'm the only one there.

It's about 7PM ady. so the walkway is empty already. creepy ._.

So before I leave, I took a photo of myself! CHAK? wth.

The sky is getting dark, and we have to go back now before there is no bus. This is the last day in Singapore so we walked from the sport centre till the food court near my uncle house (omg ._. we walked about few kilometers). Since we still have S$150, we tried to use all the money to buy foods.
the food we bought are, Chicken Chop (S$5.90), 2 Blackpepper Chicken Chop (S$8), Onion Ring (S$5) Singapore Style Mee Hoon (S$5) and lots more actually. we had our last moment in Singapore, watching one of the Singapore Variety Show (forgot the name of the show) while eating the food we bought. we didn't get to sleep because our flight is at 6 AM. we had to depart to Changi Airport around 4.30AM. Our flight ticket is sponsored by my aunt, and we're given the seat at the first row of the flight (a row after the business class). On the last moment in the airport, something happened. I DROPPED MY FREAKING JACKET D: I went to search the whole Changi Airport, up and down. (tired die me). and finally i found it, on top of a bench. I was like, THANK GOD. Thanks to that person who helped me to picked it up and put it on the bench. Nice citizen, indeed. after we left Singapore, and back to our country, Malaysia.

I had fun in Singapore indeed, but I would like to visit Singapore one more time! Hehe. Alright, that's all for the Journey to Singapore on Christmas 2012. Thank you for reading! I'm going to study for my final exam now. T_T Wish me luck! See you my readers!

See You when I see You.

- Dougnereus

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