A Journey to Singapore on Christmas [Part 1]

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ahhhh!!! There's about three more months left eh! For this year de Christmas to come. :P *So excited cuz I will be going back Sabah* Okay, actually I wanna show you guys my last year Christmas celebration (not with my family T_T) at Singapore! Only my sister and I went to Singapore. Impossible I go alone. Alright, are you ready to journey back to my past? HAHAHA. Let's go! (nothing special actually).

School break for Christmas was fall on the 22nd of December '12 till the 1st of January ' 13. in conjunction of that, my sister decided to bring me to go to Singapore!!! yet,  A week before we go to Singapore, I was sicked. lol. suai sia. - -" got fever, cough, and flu some more. siao. got MC for my Thursday class.  BUT, That Doctor hor, sibeh sui one lor. at first he dun wan give me MC you know, until my friend come over and help me. (Thanks Azira). Then after that, i go back home. seriously, like a death person. Laying down on bed 24/7. My roommate at that time was like "aiyoo. sad la. want go to travel, but fall sick. moreover, you look like want to die ady" (something like that la. I forgot actually. HAHA)  then of course, i ate some medicines and felt much better after that. (after marinating myself with sweat under the blanket for one whole day).  KI SIAO. LOL. 


This was the medicine I ate (I free free got injected by the Doctor! Sui lang T_T)

DAY 1 [22nd Dec' 2012]

The day has come, I was packing up. I just brought my small luggage and my backpack. omg. (should brought a larger luggage). around 4pm something we depart my our campus to KL Central. then took bus from KL Central to Kuala Lumpur International Airport(KLIA). (around 4 hours journey. butt cramp ady). Our flight is at 11:30PM. (Night flight ma, cheaper. RM114 per person). we arrived KLIA around 8pm like that. then we go check-in. we're using the JetStar. (SIBEH LONG THE LINE. D:) after done with our check-in, we had our dinner at Secret Recipe. (I didn't take a photo of it. too hungry :x.) I ordered Black Pepper Chicken Rice, something like that and my sister ordered Mushroom Chicken Rice. after we done with our dinner, we went to convert our Money to Singapore Currency. I exchanged RM500 (S$216.80) and, I don't know how much my sister exchanged. :x after exchange, we waited for the flight, then we departed to Singapore! Yayyyy~ we arrived Singapore around 12:45AM. waited for my uncle and a day has passed. 

DAY 2 [23rd Dec' 2012]

we woke up very late eh. around 2pm. we go down to the food court on the other road side and bought some food there. I bought Chicken Rice at the price of S$2.50 (Gosh. Cheap like Durian fall) and Ice Lemon Tea at the price of S$1.80. My sis ate claypot chicken rice at the price of $S5. after we done with our lunch, we took the MRT to Sentosa. we spent the whole day at Sentosa walking around and checking the price to Universal Studio. Here are some pictures of it.

My sister walking to the next island :X

Something dark in the water (view from the canopy house)

Fish Spa. It's so ticklish! D:

Inside of the Aquarium

The shark scared the hell out of me. 3D Eh. LOL

Guess where am I? LOL

Actually a lot pictures one, but my old phone is currently is not under my possession. D:
Anyway, Day 2 passed with all the fun in Sentosa.

DAY 3 [24th Dec' 2012]

Today we woke up damn early. LOL. 7.30AM already wake up. we went one more time to Sentosa Shopping Mall, this time we're going in to UNIVERSAL STUDIO SINGAPORE. we arrived at Sentosa Shopping Mall around 9AM and I got freak out. The line to Sentosa SOOOOOO DAMN LONG. We bought the ticket at the wrong day actually. It's Christmas Eve. after few hours of lining up, getting in and out from the MRT, walking to USS entrance, and finally, we are in USS! Enjoy!

At the walkway of New York City (can u see Transformers behind ? :P)

A photo with Bumblebee (So many people T_T)

I'm not ready yet D:
But I like this candid, so I uploaded it :P

A quite okay photo with Optimus Prime (not satisfied T_T)

I rode this. 1 Word, AWESOME.

Entrance of "Revenge of the Mummy". (The white shirt gor gor also want take photo together :x)

Same or not? HAHAHA.

my sister with the Pharaoh. 

Me with the Pharaoh. Ahhh, so scary - -"

I like this pic, the little mui mui also want follow. :P


I just got out from an egg. :3 

Then, we are on our way to the FAR FAR AWAY Land, 
and... somehow, the land seems to look like it got cursed o-o"

Entering the Room to meet Donkey :x

In the room / studio maybe.

I love this cart so much :O

My sister taking photo with the princesses.


and again. :P

I like this one, with Fairy God Mother. :P

The castle of Far Far Away

Lining up for the 4D Experience. Lawls :P


Lining up for the ride. God. Hours of waiting - -"

Awww. A photo with them :3

Cookie Monster! Dougy! Birdie! and... Forgot :x

This one haven't launch D: Can't try it out, so just a photo with it only :( sad.

after that we have our dinner in U.S.S

Till night we stayed here. then we walk out to the mall using the walkway. damn tired. after that we took the MRT to Marina Bay Sand. once we arrived the station, and while we walk, this is what happen.




And Shot 4 :P

and we're finally here!

which left 10 more minutes to Christmas!
was expecting for fireworks. but disappointingly ,

there's none.

So I took a photo of remembrance before we left for our Supper. Damn tired you know. walk for hours from U.S.S to Marina Bay Sand. we arrived home around 4AM. Stranded on the road side while waiting for my uncle to fetch us up. - -" Moreover, my uncle house near ION Mall. - -" we got back home, our uncle bought us supper again. LOL. He bought us Fried crab (S$20), very soft that you can eat the shells along. is it shells? lol whatever :X then we slept - -" Like pig. HAHAHA. Only me bah.

Oh gosh, This is too long, i'll be separating it to two parts then. :P I'm tired already actually xD
Alright, that is for now.
thank you for reading!

[end of part 1]

See You when I see You.


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